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Sam Berry

Hearthside, Owner & Operator

Sam Berry is an accomplished professional in the fireplace and chimney industry, known for his extensive experience and dedication to his craft. With a career spanning several decades, Sam’s passion for the industry was ignited at a young age when his father introduced him to the world of fireplace and chimney work. Starting at the tender age of 8 or 9, Sam eagerly assisted his father during summer breaks, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, Sam’s journey led him to join his brother, Ryan, at Certified Fireplace and Chimney (CFAC). Joining the company early on, Sam played a pivotal role in its growth within the Topeka and surrounding areas. Through his tireless efforts, CFAC has evolved into a reputable one-stop-shop, boasting multiple certified technicians, repair and inspection crews, and a stellar reputation.

While Sam continues to provide consulting and managerial support to CFAC, he has also established himself as an independent expert within the industry. Recognized for his exceptional skill set, Sam holds the esteemed certifications of CSIA #8617 and NFI #177060, the highest credentials in the field. His commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements is evident through his regular attendance at the NCSG convention, a prominent event that keeps professionals informed about new products, procedures, codes, and guidelines.

Sam’s dedication to continuous learning is further demonstrated by his pursuit of relevant continuing education units (CEUs). He actively participates in a variety of training courses, both online and in person, encompassing areas such as masonry, gas systems, and fireplace technology. His extensive knowledge and experience make him a valuable resource for other companies seeking assistance with repairs, installations, client offerings, and innovative fireplace concepts.

What truly sets Sam apart is his genuine passion for the industry and his unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. As an expert in the field, he relishes the opportunity to educate clients who may be unfamiliar with their fireplaces or chimneys. Whether it’s resolving leaks, ensuring a safe and functional fireplace for cozy gatherings, or bringing a client’s dream fireplace vision to life, Sam takes pride in helping individuals achieve their goals. His expertise extends beyond standard projects, as he thoroughly enjoys tackling complex endeavors that allow him to customize designs and provide clients with photo renderings of their envisioned masterpieces.

With humility and a strong desire for self-improvement, Sam remains dedicated to his craft and seeks advice from fellow experts when necessary. His devotion to the industry, paired with his exceptional skills, positions him as a trusted professional in the fireplace and chimney sector, leaving a lasting impact on homes, families, and cherished memories.

Sam’s Personal Life

Sam and his wife Brooke most recently celebrated their son’s 1st birthday this past July. Loving every second with him from the sleepless nights to the new found giggles, first steps, and other milestones. Brooke is a registered dietician at Wesley Hospital after completing years of schooling, internship, and passing the RD exam. She is native to Wichita and has family and friends all over and is excited to start this new journey here with her own family. The Berry family enjoys traveling when they can, hosting Super Bowl parties, July 4th firework shows, and most of all spending time with family especially now that their son steals the spotlight with the grandparents.

Sam and his brother, Ryan, do more than just chimneys and fireplaces. They have a vast list of hobbies, passions, and goal list they strive to achieve. They work on multi-year project cars when time (and family 😅) allows. From installing new parts, swapping higher powered engines, to designing custom one off parts and fabricating them from scratch. During the spring and summer they love to fish and compete in drift races at local sponsored events. A little distance from Topeka to Wichita won’t keep these two from continuing to motivate, support, and strive to continue these passions and the goals they have both personally and for their families.